Wealth Management Services

In addition to providing investment management services, we offer wealth management services to many of our clients including retirement planning, college educational funding, income tax and estate planning, and personal risk management.

Wealth Management Services Available to Clients

Retirement Planning

The most important financial objective for most of our clients is retirement. We are adept at determining the financial resources you will need to have a comfortable retirement as well as how to best accumulate those resources.

Our wealth management professionals have experience implementing a variety of tax-advantaged and cost-effective programs available to accumulate assets for retirement. We can formulate a retirement plan that is uniquely suited to your personal financial needs and resources.

Self -Employed Retirement Planning

Self-employed individuals and business owners are often able to establish tax-advantaged retirement plans for themselves and their business that are superior to plans offered by large organizations.

We can establish and maintain a retirement plan or combination of plans tailored to your needs and your business.

College Educational Funding

Funding college educational expenses is an important financial objective for many families.  We can assist you in determining the financial resources you will need to pay for your children’s college educational expenses.

Our professional staff can also help you select and establish the most appropriate tax-advantaged college savings program.

  • 529 college savings plans
  • Uniform gift to minors act (UGMA) accounts
  • Educational trusts

Income Tax Planning

When providing income tax planning services, we strive to identify strategies to reduce your income tax liabilities.  In structuring your investment portfolio, one of our goals is to minimize the income taxes you will pay on your investment income in the long term.

Our professional staff is familiar with a variety of different tax-advantaged investment vehicles.

Although our tax professionals prepare personal, trust, and business income tax returns, many of our clients have an established relationship with a CPA outside of Alexander Randolph.  Recognizing that such relationships are often important to clients, we are happy to provide assistance to your CPA by collecting data to ensure that your personal income tax return is complete and accurate.

Estate Planning

With a top federal estate tax rate of 40%, developing and implementing a comprehensive estate plan can be one of the most value-added services we provide.  We are aware of both the sensitive nature and the importance of addressing our clients’ estate planning needs.

Estate Planning Objectives

  • Ensure that your estate is administered and ultimately distributed to your heirs and beneficiaries in a manner that is consistent with your personal wishes.
  • Minimize costly federal and state estate and inheritance taxes as well as probate and estate administration costs.

Our wealth management professionals are experienced with a variety of different trust arrangements and often coordinate family gifting programs.  We also have the expertise to address a family’s multi-generational estate planning needs through the use of various generation skipping measures.

The senior members of a family can often provide for the establishment of certain trust arrangements that will reduce estate taxes and probate expenses at their children’s demise and provide for the maximum transfer of family wealth to future generations.  Many trust arrangements can also be structured to help protect a family inheritance from lawsuits, creditors, and divorce proceedings.

Personal Risk Management – Insurance

Planning for life’s tragedies is essential for financial security. Our professional staff can help you determine the amount of life and disability insurance coverage you need and the most cost effective type of coverage.