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Alexander Randolph Advisory Services

Alexander Randolph Advisory, Inc. is an investment advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that provides investment management services for both individuals and institutions on a fee-only basis.  We also provide wealth management services to many of our investment management clients.  At the end of 2023, we managed approximately $361 million in client assets.

Our Approach to Investment Management

In providing investment management services, we work closely with clients to help them achieve their long-term investment goals.  We do not engage in short-term trading because we believe it produces inferior long-term investment results, particularly for taxable accounts.

As with most investment management firms, our primary objective is to generate superior investment performance for the level of risk assumed by each client.

Unlike many of our peers, however, we refuse to chase the hottest and most popular investments simply because they are rising in value when our proprietary research indicates the investment’s downside risk greatly outweighs its potential returns.

We are equally disciplined to purchase assets offering a superior risk and reward profile regardless of the asset’s recent past performance. In fact, many of the most attractive investment opportunities are presented by securities that have recently experienced a significant decline in price.

We believe that our emphasis on thorough, proprietary research and independent decision making distinguish us from most investment management firms.

The Unique Benefits of Proprietary Research

We conduct thorough, proprietary research on every security considered for investment.  We also scrutinize changes in the economic and financial market landscape to continually update and enhance our knowledge of the risks and potential returns of every security held in client accounts. We believe our talent, dedication, and discipline enable us to provide investment management services that are superior to the services offered by most other investment management firms.

We Emphasize Personalized Service

In working with clients, we strive to offer a high level of personalized service.  We recognize each client faces different challenges and has a unique set of aspirations and objectives. We, therefore, spend a considerable amount of time working with every client to develop realistic investment and financial goals.  Each client’s investment portfolio is then customized and managed on an ongoing basis to address the client’s personal needs and objectives.

Wealth Management Services to Provide Comprehensive Advice

We often provide wealth management services to our investment management clients to assist them in managing all aspects of their financial affairs.  We offer the personalized service inherent in having a single trusted advisor combined with the comprehensiveness and diversity of expertise common of large organizations.

Alexander Randolph Advisory, Inc. is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds enabling our clients to draw on a substantial body of experience and expertise.  As a result, we are uniquely qualified to offer services of exceptional quality and comprehensiveness.
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Professionals Working For You

Many of our clients have established relationships with attorneys, accountants, and insurance professionals outside of our firm. In working with clients, we often coordinate and  complement these established relationships so that each aspect of a client’s personal financial affairs is managed in view of the clients overall financial objectives. Additionally, we know that understanding every aspect of a client’s financial affairs, from income tax planning to a family’s estate plan is often essential for effective decision-making.

If you are seeking comprehensive financial advice and investment management services customized to meet your individual needs, contact us today.